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Super Absorbent Bathmat™ - Safer and More Hygienic

Super Absorbent Bathmat™ - Safer and More Hygienic

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Prevent accidents and clumsiness in the bathroom!

Are you also fed up with all those wet spots all over the floor? This is very unsafe. Bath mats as we know them today do not solve this problem and are also very unhygienic and slow-drying. Our Super Absorbent Bathmat™ provides a more hygienic, comfortable and safe bathroom for you and your loved ones.

Our non-slip floor mats are made of PVC + Technical Velvet, which dries faster than regular floor mats. An immediate absorption takes place when the mat gets wet. This makes the mat dry again super fast. The underside has a rubberized non-slip layer to increase safety and stability.

Why the Absorbent Bathmat™ should not be missing in your home

🗸Super Absorbent & Fast Drying: This ensures that water is absorbed almost immediately so that no bacteria and mold can form as with other mats. So you keep everything hygienic, which is nice in the bathroom.

🗸No wet Floors: Prevent wet spots being left on the floor after showering or bathing. This is dangerous because it can cause you to slip. Therefore, save yourself and your loved ones the chance of injury or other serious accidents.

🗸Soft: The mat has a sleek look but because of the multiple layers it still gives a very comfortable and soft feeling when you stand on it. Thus, you maintain the optimal comfort of a bath mat.

🗸Non Slip Bottom: The rubber bottom ensures that the mat is stable and firm. This prevents you from slipping when you step on the mat, potentially resulting in serious injury.

🗸Diverse: The mat is not only suitable for the bathroom but you can also use it perfectly in the hallway, or in the bedroom. The modern design fits any decor.

🗸Easy Cleaning: You can easily clean the mat by wiping it down with some soap and water. After all, the mat is super absorbent anyway.

Super Absorbent Floor Mat – Sweetshoop


Type: 4 different mats
Size: 3 different sizes
Material: Faux Velvet + Rubber


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Please note: due to the high demand for the Super Absorbent Bathmat™, we expect to sell out at any time. After this it will take a while until we have more stock and the price will go up again.

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