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Outdoor Sport Backpack™ - 100% Equipped and Ultra-Lightweight

Outdoor Sport Backpack™ - 100% Equipped and Ultra-Lightweight

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This is safe and performance enhancing for any outdoor athlete!

Are you a runner, mountain biker, hiker or other outdoor athlete? Then our Outdoor Sport Backpack™ is perfect for you. It allows you to have drinks and food on the go. The backpack is very compact, ultra-lightweight and has enough space for some small items that may come in handy on the road. While sporting, you barely feel that you are wearing the bag.

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Avoid running out of drinks or food when you need it. The Outdoor Sport Backpack™ ensures that you are safe and prepared. For example, you can also take along some first aid materials in case you fall or sprain your ankle along the way.

Why other athletes use our Outdoor Sport Backpack™ on a daily basis

🗸Safe Training: Avoid unsafe situations due to water or food shortages. Go prepared to train knowing you can fall back on nutrition and materials when you need them.

🗸Performance Enhancing: By always being prepared to the max when you start training and also being able to refuel optimally when needed, your performance will improve.

🗸Designed for Runners: The bag is ultra lightweight and fits snugly to your body. This ensures that you do not experience any discomfort while wearing it. You hardly notice that you are wearing a bag.

🗸All-in-One Design: Fully adjustable to fit any stature. Exercise with pleasure and comfort. The bag has multiple storage pockets, 3 reflector strips so you are visible in the dark, a flexible drinking bag including drinking tube, 100% waterproof and breathable Mesh material for a pleasant carrying experience.


Colors: black, gray, red, blue
Material: Polyester + Breathable Mesh
Drinking bag: 2 x 0,5 L + 1 x 2 L (including drinking tube)

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Please note: due to the high demand for the Outdoor Sport Backpack™, we expect to sell out at any time. After this it will take a while until we have more stock and the price will go up again.

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